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    about us NW Lifestyle Homes creates custom homes for everyday joy and livability. We are an integrated practice of architectural design and masterful building. Our one-of-a-kind homes are thoughtfully developed in our design studio to embody the unique way in which each client lives. what our clients say... Working with NW Lifestyle Homes was a chance of a lifetime. We downsized into a downtown Bellevue condominium that required significant updating. With a tight budget, we embarked on this adventure with Mike, Megan, Meg, Kevin, and Mason. From storage ideas to design, they completely remodeled our condo into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional home. We are so pleased with the results. The quality of work is amazing and the budget was reasonable. In fact, we ended up under budget! ​ Thank you to this remarkable and talented team. ​ lynne robinson + dan watson we value livability “Livability” is the suitability of a place for positive human experience. At NW Lifestyle Homes, we build our houses to maximize “livability.” A livable home is functional, adaptable, comfortable, and fun. Many new homes are beautiful to look at, but not all are truly livable. The livability of an NWLH home is often not fully appreciated until you — well — live in it. A livable home, with its combination of private and public spaces and flexible rooms that can be used for many purposes, adapts with you through all of life’s changes. The goal in designing a livable home is to make it comfortable and fun. Comfort follows functionality and adaptability, but it is enhanced by details that please the senses. Abundant natural light and air, interesting t extures and colors, and aesthetically pleasing architectural features are key for well-designed homes. We consider both generous, well-scaled indoor spaces and outdoor living areas which maximize sun exposure to make you want to come back to your home every day. See Our Work meet the team Founder + Visionary michael burke Mike is the dreamer and visionary for NW Lifestyle Homes. Mike has been designing and building homes to maximize livability for more than 60 years. His innovative ideas provide the creative direction for the company. The greatest compliment you can give Mike is, "Your homes make a difference in our lives." When not working, Mike spends all of his free time on the job site. General Contractor mason mawer Mason is our builder, overseeing the entire construction process with a perfectionist's eye. Mason has an old-school, hands-on, get it done, tenacious work ethic that he learned growing up with twin brother Matt and their builder parents. With that foundation, Mason has been building homes and delighting homeowners for the last 20 years. Off the jobsite, Mason can be found floating in Neah Bay chasing Chinook and telling stories about the one that got away. CEO + Landscape Designer megan atkinson Megan brings leadership, planning, foresight, and landscape architectural design to NWLH. She aligns and prioritizes the strategy and systems for the team. Measure twice, cut once. On the creative side, Megan has designed landscapes throughout the Seattle area for over 20 years, and she strives to increase each homeowner's enjoyment/use of their outdoor living spaces. Megan has a B.A. in Economics from Bucknell University and an M.L.A. from the University of Washington. Since 2022, Megan has served on the City of Mercer Island Design Commission. With two kids in college and one postgrad, Megan and her husband are taking advice on how to adjust to life as empty nesters. COO phil singleton Phil comes to NWLH with 50 years of working and business experience. Phil and his wife owned and operated an award winning remodeling company for 25 years. Phil is calm, cool, and collected, and he operates with no drama. Phil has extensive skills, and he is a natural mentor, a builder of teams, a solver of problems, a trained machinist, and his proverbial “toolbox” is overflowing with sharp tools. Phil also has a penchant for cleaning and taking care of things so they last and operate as intended. On the weekends, Phil spends time with his family and 5 adorable grandchildren. Lead Designer matt mawer As the interpreter of Michael's vision, Matt embraces the idea for each project, adds his own unique style, and crafts original home designs for NWLH. Together, Matt and Michael test boundaries and create a new normal for residential design and livability in the northwest. In addition to being fluent in Michael-ese, Matt has 20 years of architectural design experience, a B.Arch. from Washington State University and a horribly misguided belief of one day joining the professional golf tour. Buyer + Selection Designer meg zook Meg comes to NWLH with a great eye and a plethora of experiences in the design world. Having studied at San Diego State University and the London Inchbald School of Design, Meg has the ability to hone in on color, texture, and form. Meg's years in the fashion industry have contributed to her focus on the customer and the desire to build an excellent selection and documentation process. Meg's mantra in every situation is, "There must be a better way." When not at work, Meg is in her kitchen testing recipes for the perfect old-fashioned chocolate cake! Designer gui ribeiro Born and raised in Brazil, Gui brings an international spirit to our team. His homeland's vast tradition in architecture, design, and music informs his work. After living in San Diego for six years, where he got a BA in Architecture from Woodbury University, Gui relocated to the PNW. Gui provides a fresh perspective, a “can do” attitude, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to illustrate ideas in various formats. New thoughts on how to use Gui’s skills occur multiple times every day and run the gamut from exterior renderings to construction details. He generates the types of drawings that we have wanted to be able to display for a long time, to clients as well as our construction team. Gui loves surfing, snowboarding, hiking, BBQ/cooking, watching soccer, and reading. Lead Carpenter + S uperintendent kevin ford Kevin is a highly trained lead carpenter/superintendent and he values perfectionism. Originally a painter, he pays close attention to detail, and he has very high standards. Kevin earned his stripes at NWLH by doing a 7-year apprenticeship in new construction and remodels. At this point, Kevin has learned and participated in almost every aspect of putting a new house together or refreshing an existing one. Kevin enjoys golfing, camping, and hiking in his free time. Project Assistant puna moses Puna is quickly learning the ropes in construction at NW Lifestyle Homes. He comes with a strong service background, and Puna’s sunny disposition, positive attitude, and interest in learning new things is highly evident to all who meet him. He takes on every task willingly, and he does it right the first time. Outside of work, Puna is a happy new father to sweet Baby Aston. Create your dream home. Tell us about your project today. Contact us

  • r/e feasibility | NW Lifestyle Homes

    real estate + property feasibility assessments what can I do with my property? Want to know what size house you can build on your lot? Wonder if you can do an addition, add a backyard cottage, or build a covered outdoor living space on your property? ​ NWLH can do a feasibility study to answer your questions.

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    let's discuss your next project Fill out the form, or call us to set up a free in-home consultation. ​ Contact Megan Atkinson CEO 206.240.7748 Office 11747 NE First St Suite 230 Bellevue, WA 98015 Mail Po Box 52921 Bellevue 98015 First Name Last Name Email Phone Address Subject What can we help with? Submit Thank you, we'll be in touch!

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